I finally found some time to grab my NYC footage from my summer trip with family and girlfriend and edited my first video with iMovie 9.

Ever since I watched the magnificent Trapped in New York short film on Jeff’s Equivocality, I wanted to do something, well, not similar, but in the fashion of his work. Me being a total noob in video editing, that was easier said than done.

But then again… no pain, no gain. So I searched for a fitting piece of downtempo, trip-hop-ish music and made a find at the Free Music Archive (the track is called The 3rd). I taught myself some iMovie basics and dove right in.

You have a beau­ti­ful trib­ute to the city there, Stephan. I’m glad I was able to inspire, thank you for sharing!
—Jeff Ngan

It is challenging (if not impossible, in my case) to squeeze out the essence of the Big Apple and transform it into something beautiful. Still, I took a shot and can’t wait to go back to this vibrant city.