Falling leaves and temperatures are the harbingers of the inevitable truth: Summer is over and fall is coming to Berlin. Weird enough: The new season also brings us the first chocolate santas to the supermarkets reminding us that 2014 is almost over. Perfect time to look back. A pictorial reminiscence of my summer 2014.

Entrance of the Vainstream Rockfest with a bunch of punk/hardcore people in the foreground
The entrance of the Vainstream Rockfest

After our absence during the last 5 (!) years, my soulmate Stefan and I were in the mood for the Vainstream Rockfest again. We met in the beautiful town of Münster for some serious punk and hardcore music.

Stefan rightfully pointed out that we seem to belong to the “old ones” now. Consequently we stood back, mingled with the other mid-twenties and watched all the 14-year-olds mosh-pitting their ass off. We had a blast! Now that I think about it, I guess that was the official start of my summer.

Bottle of champagne, flower bouquet and the blurry silhouette of the bride in a mirror
The blurry bride (photo by Jens Gerlach)

Only two weeks later two of my best friends got married. The ceremony/party was amazing and they both looked so happy. We celebrated in a freaking castle and I loved it. Most of my closest friends where there and we had a lot of those American Pie moments. That’s how I call them, that is. You know, those magical moments when everything around you passes off in slow motion and you somehow know that this is a special moment you will always remember. If you find that cheesy you might want to catch up on some coming-of-age movies.

Me and two friends watching the sun set on Mallorca
Another memorable Moment: Our bachelor party on Mallorca

Anyway, that wedding was wonderful and a great way to see all my friends. This was especially important to me because after July I would leave Saarbrücken.

Me and the other four staff members of CISV Step Up 2014 Freedom Catchers
Me (on the left) and my fellow staffies of the CISV Step Up Freedom Catchers program

Before I would have to deal with the real world again, I went off to staff the 2014 CISV Step Up program in Ingelheim am Rhein. The staff team was amazing and included my oldest friend Martin. We organized the international three-week peace education camp with delegations from countries like Iceland, Ecuador, Belarus, and China.

CISV is a big part of my life since two and a half years now and I am grateful for all the experience and friendships that emerged from camps, trainings, and travels!

Oslo Opera House under a blue sky
The Oslo Opera House

Filled with energy and in the mood for new adventures, Martin and I visited our good friend Caro in Oslo right after camp. It was crazy fun to explore a new city with those two. To be frank, Oslo is no Stockholm or Copenhagen, but still has a lot to offer.

Highlights were Frogner Park with the Vigeland sculptures, Holmenkollen ski-jump with a nice view over the city, the hotspot Grünerløkka with its pubs and restaurants, Oslo Opera House and the harbour district.

The sun setting over the black silhouette of the port of Hamburg
Port of Hamburg

CISV duties also led me to Hamburg and although I’m starting to become fond of the city, my personal ranking of Germany’s cities with over one million inhabitants still looks like this:

  1. Berlin
  2. Cologne
  3. Hamburg
  4. Munich

Hands down.

The sun setting over Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin and the old airport buildings
The old airport area in Berlin-Tempelhof

And now I am in Berlin. I moved here six weeks ago and it has been an unbelievably awesome time already. The city is so vibrant and everything seems to be so near. I am sure there will be some good stuff ahead and I can’t wait to see what fall 2014 is up to!

After browsing through my photos, I can say: The year 2014 has been good to me so far. Next stop, winter.