Until yesterday, I owned two CDs. First, there is the album As the Sun Falls Down by my roomie’s former band Miller. Then we got the mixtape Bangers & B-Sides that Sav Killz himself sold me for five bucks in the streets of New York. And yesterday I bought my third one.

It happened during yesterday’s concert when I fell in love with music… Music I didn’t even know I’ve been missing so badly. I’m talking about Rob Lynch and his band who supported German rock musician and record label buddy Thees Uhlmann.

Four people, drums, guitars and stories about looking back on past times in the almost forgotten hometown, a mother who falls in love again after grieving for her dead husband, or friends who even got your back when you are at risk of being beaten up by some assholes during a pub crawl. Sometimes recited quietly and dignified, only to raise the voice in the next moment almost providing the perfect soundtrack for a decent bar fight.

I don’t know whether it was the atmosphere, the beer or just my pal and me standing there in intimate togetherness (in a totally manly way, of course, drinking beer and stuff), but I swear the music got me and I was verging on tears. Well, a little bit anyway.

If you need a little teaser before you consider buying Rob’s debut album All These Nights in Pubs Will Somehow Save My Soul (coming out November 22, I already grabbed my copy at the concert and thus thought it would be okay to brazenly adapt its title for this post), you might wanna check out his bandcamp page where you can get his three-track EP No Blood on a pay-want-you-want basis.