I was quite sure that my next post would be about some programming stuff since I spent most of my free time with RoR, Django and gamification stuff lately. Anyhow… Here I find myself writing about my two latest discoveries in music.

Today I want to present you Girl Talk, an US-American mashup artist who mixes rap music with pop and rock songs of the last three decades. The result is an extraordinary blend which works pretty well as my daily motivation boost—thank god Tracy Osborn shared this on her blog.

And you don’t even know the best part: You can go to Girl Talk’s label page and download his latest album and four more for free and pay-what-you-want respectively. That’s a no-brainer!

Do you still need a little push? Okay, what about Single Ladies and Ante Up on one track? Yeah… I know! Go get the music, I’ll be here when you come back.

Change of subject: A friend of mine shared this Youtube playlist on Facebook today and boy, what a revelation this is! Artists like Macklemore, Dessa, Fountains of Wayne, Pixies or Frank Turner paused their usual work life and visited National Public Radio for a short live concert in a cozy atmosphere.

Cancel all your appointments, make yourself a nice cup of that tea you like and enjoy.

A true goldmine, as said friend put it.