I’m just a few hours away from my first Startup Weekend experience. The concept is simple, yet highly contagious and addictive, apparently: A bunch of developers, designers and economists meet and team up to raise several startup companies. In 54 hours!

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to come up with my own company draft in the last couple of weeks. So I won’t participate in the so-called pitch session where people are given 60 seconds to advertise for their idea. But that’s okay, this time I will just see how things are going and be part of a bunch of people who gathered for this single purpose—to build stuff.

The official logo of Startup Weekend Cologne

Also, I’m really excited for going back to Cologne. Every time I visit the city, I fall for her more and more. Hopefully, there will be a little bit of spare time to meet some friends and have an ice-cold Kölsch.

PS. The trip from Saarbrücken—the city where I live—to Cologne is a four hour drive and I was lucky to stumble upon a wonderful song yesterday which happens to be my traveling tune for today. Enjoy!

February 5: That weekend was amazing! I was part of an awesome team and, although we did not win, we are pressing ahead with our idea—come visit us at deepr.co godeepr.com. I even had the chance to drink a few Kölsch both with my friend/host Obi and my fellow entrepreneurs (since the organizers of Startup Weekend Cologne provided us with an inexhaustible source of said beverage). On top of that, I met a lot of incredibly interesting people, learned tons of stuff and got to know Cologne a little better. Comprehensive victory, I’d say!


  1. Also spelled Koelsch, a local specialty beer brewed in Cologne, less bitter than standard German Pilsner.