Stephan Max

Software Engineer
Cologne, Germany

Worth reading: Bundesservice Telekommunikation — enttarnt: Dieser Geheimdienst steckt dahinter 🇩🇪.

While reading on about the author, Lilith Wittmann, I also found a great resource on open data APIs of the German government.

Today I want to honor a book that has shaped my understanding of CSS and modern web design, and sparked my belief to think about design from a semantic, component-based perspective.

Thank you, Molly and Andy.

Happy New Year from Oslo, Norway!

Hello, Analogue Pocket, you magnificent beast. Look at this screen! I am so ready for Christmas 🤩

No bands this time at Frosty Booze Cruise in Hamburg. Regardless, it’s been a lovely trip with lots of wonderful moments.

Your Audio Aura

Your top music moods are wistful and cheerful.

Seems accurate, 2021. Seems accurate.

Today I finished Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, a cute little 2D Zelda clone.

Final verdict: ★★★☆☆

Happy to have played through this one but won’t revisit. Too easy and without the gravitas of the Zelda lore.

Happy to see you laugh, my friend 🖤

Oh oh oh ohhhhh
Everywhere we go
Watching Glasgow Celtic
Putting on a show

Thanks for taking me to the Europa League game in Leverkusen, Andi 💚🤍

Bye, Hamburg! Those two months in the—yes, I am tying myself down to it—best city in Germany have passed quickly. Our stay has been wonderful and filled with amazing moments with friends and everything Hamburg has to offer. It was inspirational and I learned a lot about where, but more importantly how I want to live.

What I Will Miss

What I Won’t Miss