Stephan Max

Software Engineer
Cologne, Germany

Today I finished Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, a cute little 2D Zelda clone.

Final verdict: ★★★☆☆

Happy to have played through this one but won’t revisit. Too easy and without the gravitas of the Zelda lore.

Happy to see you laugh, my friend 🖤

Oh oh oh ohhhhh
Everywhere we go
Watching Glasgow Celtic
Putting on a show

Thanks for taking me to the Europa League game in Leverkusen, Andi 💚🤍

Bye, Hamburg! Those two months in the—yes, I am tying myself down to it—best city in Germany have passed quickly. Our stay has been wonderful and filled with amazing moments with friends and everything Hamburg has to offer. It was inspirational and I learned a lot about where, but more importantly how I want to live.

What I Will Miss

What I Won’t Miss

Today I stumbled upon Cooklang, a markup language for recipes. I am beyond excited about this and already gave the CLI tool that comes with the project a spin. As a computer scientist who is starting to look into meal prepping, the idea of storing, sharing, forking recipes as future-proof text files with some nice apps on top is very appealing to me.

I played through the wonderful Metroid Dread:

Final verdict: ★★★★★

It’s been an honor, Samus! Definitely Game of the Year material for me!

Unfortunately, Philip Summers had to cancel his Kickstarter Hand-Drawn Game Guides.

On the bright side, this fine gentleman made the two original game guides accessible completely for free:

Back in March 2017 I backed a film on StartNext (aka German Kickstarter) called Leif in Concert, Vol. 2 and you can watch it on ARTE’s media library now! (Trailer here and download via MediathekWebView.)

This is the first time I have been part of movie credits and the movie has turned out beautifully. Especially now that we are facing a possible fourth Covid wave and visits to your favorite bar and club are becoming wishful thinking I cannot recommend this film highly enough. It’s bringing you right back at those enchanting moments: beautiful strangers, a beer with your best buddies, those random disputes with the bartender.

Also, the soundtrack is mesmerizing! Check out “Wild Bill Jones” by Poorboy and “Young Again” by Kaspar Bjørke—my personal favorites.

A couple of my colleagues made a drone video of Schloss Krickenbeck where we spent our company summer retreat 2021.

We visited the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg today and attended a tour of the current exhibition Heimaten. For me, though, the two hidden gems of the museum are the exhibition of German illustrator and author Janosch—a celebration of quirkiness and the powers of imagination—and the book store.