Stephan Max

Software Engineer
Cologne, Germany

Back in March 2017 I backed a film on StartNext (aka German Kickstarter) called Leif in Concert, Vol. 2 and you can watch it on ARTE’s media library now! (Trailer here and download via MediathekWebView.)

This is the first time I have been part of movie credits and the movie has turned out beautifully. Especially now that we are facing a possible fourth Covid wave and visits to your favorite bar and club are becoming wishful thinking I cannot recommend this film highly enough. It’s bringing you right back at those enchanting moments: beautiful strangers, a beer with your best buddies, those random disputes with the bartender.

Also, the soundtrack is mesmerizing! Check out “Wild Bill Jones” by Poorboy and “Young Again” by Kaspar Bjørke—my personal favorites.