A Decade in Review

No, this is not my sassy way of starting the “Actually, the real decade is 2011–2020, not 2010–2019” argument. It just so happens that after a challenging 2020 I have an urge to scribble down some of the highlights of my past life. So I can look at them and realize that—albeit times are weird right now—I’ve been lucky and blessed. Here’s to the future!


10 years ago, I had finished my studies abroad in Linköping (Sweden) and was on my way back to Saarbrücken (Germany) to finish my Master’s degree in computer science. I had just turned 23, was excited to still have a lot of my twenties ahead of me, was in a long-term relationship, surrounded by good friends, and at an immaturity level that would keep me from holding my liquor for another good while.

A lot has changed since then. Not necessarily the liquor holding thing.








Health & Mindset

And that is it. My last 10 years as a short list of bullet points. Now onto the next 10!