Studying with the Remarkable 2

Last month I went through somewhat of an exam marathon. By my side: My trusty Remarkable 2 tablet. A song of praise.

The Remarkable 2 tablet, the Marker Plus, and a cup of coffee on a wooden table
Studying without distractions

I do not want to get too much into the controversy around this device (huge hype, bad customer support) and would like to point you to Reddit to read up on that if you are interested. This is rather a description of how I set up my device and turned it into my daily companion for all things written.


The Remarkable 2 is an oddball device in a sense. On the one hand, the company behind is doing a pretty good job at coming across as an uncommunicative, customer-unfriendly bunch. On the other hand, they decided not to go with some kind of Android closed-down operating system, but put the Remarkable software on top of a GNU/Linux-based OS. And they even give you root access.

So the first thing I did was going into the device’s settings, hit Help, and write down the root password for the device displayed at the bottom of the page. After an initial ssh connection, copying my public key onto the Remarkable, and creating a host entry in my computer’s ssh config, my Remarkable is now only an ssh remarkable away. This opens the doors to clever developers and hackers and allows everyone to install custom software on their device.

For the occasional one-off upload of lecture notes and other PDFs I connect my Remarkable to my computer via USB and go to the web interface at (Make sure to enable this feature in the Wi-Fi settings of the Remarkable.) The web interface is a very primitive tool and does not allow much more than drag and drop upload and single-file download. But I don’t have to use it too often and it allows me to not give a damn about Remarkable’s cloud sync feature. Privacy all the way!


I am currently running on Remarkable’s software Version I know about the new 2.6 update and what wonders it brings (most notably pinch-to-zoom and PDF links), but I also heard about some bugs around it and do not need any of those new features—because of custom software.

I additionally installed:

If the instructions on GitHub intimidate you, I can recommend the How to Install videos on EVERYTHING cpo’s YouTube channel (KOReader, ddvk hacks).


The Remarkable tablet with its vanilla software is a stellar note-taking device but falls short of being a good study companion. ddvk’s hacks changed that and I would like to highlight some of the features I have used the most:

Those features—combined with the out-of-the-box advantages of the Remarkable tablet: form factor, distraction-free interface, gorgeous e-ink screen—completed the device for me.


While I use Remarkable’s (ddvk-enhanced) vanilla software to read PDFs, the e-reading experience with epubs and the like is… subpar. Luckily, KOReader is an amazing alternative that not only offers swift layout and font changes, but also an absolute killer feature: OPDS catalogs.

I manage all my ebooks with Calibre and have my Calibre library stored on my in-house NAS. A while ago I installed the COPS server on top which gives me a nice OPDS-compliant feed of all my ebooks. KOReader now allows me to add this feed as an external OPDS source. That means I can download my ebooks straight out of the KOReader app onto the Remarkable—just like my own little Kindle eShop—without USB connection or Remarkable cloud.

It. Is. Fantastic!

Final Verdict

The Remarkable 2 has a hefty price tag (400€ + marker) and the company behind has yet to prove whether they want to create something useful for their fans and customers or only please their investors.

But damn I’ll say it: I love this little tablet!

I use it daily: For bulletjournaling, scribbling down random ideas, the occasional doodle or urban sketch, as my e-reader, and of course as my study buddy for university. A huge Thank You to all the hackers and tinkerers out there who have proven that top notch hardware with sloppy software can indeed be fixed.

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