My Screw Up: Scrubs’ Best Episode

I am ripping my whole DVD/Blu-Ray collection to put everything on a Plex server located on a little WD PR2100 in our living room. Naturally, I need to sneak a peek every once in a while to double-check whether all audio and subtitle streams are present, the quality is okay,… and BOOM! I am rewatching Scrubs again 🙂 It is my all-time favorite, bring-to-a-deserted-island TV series and season 3, episode 14 is the most notable of them all. Here’s why.

  1. Because it is easy to remember: Season 3, episode 14. s3e14. 314. 3.14. It’s the π episode!
  2. Guest stars: Tara “Can we just go home and have Sex?” Reid is by no means a good actress, but she has a nice little cameo, including a hilarious memory of J.D., and she is a great blast from the past altogether by giving every episode she’s on a certain 90s/2000s/American Pie vibe. Brendan Fraser is hilarious—he get’s me every time.
  3. Ben’s Polaroid camera: Every time I see Brendan Fraser’s Ben taking pictures with his old camera I get that warm feeling of nostalgia that only old, analog tech can give you.
  4. Gay chicken: Top-notch comic relief after a rare scene of Doctor Cox believably expressing his love and care for someone.
  5. Overall gag frequency/quality and writing: Ted’s search for someone who cares, Elliot’s “Whatever, buttface!”, the drunken human alarm clock, “Nice hand!”—the writing of this episode is dense, the one-liners spot-on.
  6. Pre-marital hiccups of Carla and Turk: Something I can relate to much more now that I am married. As cheesy as that mind sound, the scenes around Carla’s last name and Turk’s mole do remind me of putting myself in my wife’s shoes whenever we don’t agree on something—I am glad all four of us have found the joy in compromising.
  7. Shower Shortz: “For the man who has nothing to hide… But still wants to.” A phrase that will forever be tied to one of my best friends. Less than three you, Andi!
  8. Kelso’s soft side: He has started to open up in previous episodes, but I would say this episode is a breakthrough on Kelso’s way to becoming a fan favorite.
  9. Music: Joshua Radin’s Winter. What a fantastic song.
  10. The Ending: ”Where do you think we are?” Tears. Every. Single. Time.
The funeral scene in Scrubs’ episode My Screw Up

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